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William Paul Thurston said, "Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding."

But how many students struggle to understand mathematics?

Mathnics, F1NE-TUNE's mathematics clinics, offer specialized training to help K - 12 mathematics teachers boost
student comprehension, engagement, and achievement. Mathnics are offered virtually to educators across the globe.

The Mathnics 5

Dr. Dorothy Lewis-Grace


In 2011, Dorothy received her doctorate in Mathematics Education at Georgia State University. She has presented at various conferences focused on teacher retention, leadership, and instruction. Dorothy has been an instructional coach for over 15 years and was instrumental to developing Rita as a mathematics leader.


Dr. Sashelle Alexander


Sashelle is passionate about empowering educators to provide meaningful mathematical encounters for their students. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, she just started her 26th year in education. Currently, Sashelle is a Turnaround Mathematics Specialist
for Atlanta Public Schools.


Cassandra Gardner


Cassandra has been an educator for 23 years. She has known that she wanted to be a mathematics teacher since the 4th grade. Her favorite topics in mathematics are Statistics and Algebra. Cassandra enjoys analyzing assessment data and creating assessment questions.


Dr. Ashley Garner


Ashley is an educator currently serving as a Mathematics Coordinator in Atlanta Public Schools. Her undergraduate background in engineering has led her to always look for the most efficient means to educate students, support teachers, and ensure students reach their maximum potential in the classroom. Ashley is excited to bring over 12 years of expertise in mathematics education to the Mathnics 5.


Stephanie Jackson


With an education specialist degree in Educational Leadership and over 20 years in education, Stephanie has supported schools and districts with the implementation of best practices, effective coaching, and data utilization. Stephanie is a dedicated educator who passionately believes in the power of coaching and continued improvement as the path to teacher growth and student success.

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