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Shut Up, Take Note, and Listen

Last year, a Facebook user posted, "Who gives a sh!t?" in the comment section of our 2021 Treasure Hunt Conference ad. His words echo the disdain many openly feel toward black males and affirm my determination to boost school-aged black males' academic, social, and emotional levels.

Suppose we are not intentional about helping our young black males discover and pull out the treasure within them. Several will continue embracing the lies long-established by society and consistently reiterated by the media. As a result, these young men will not discover and pursue the inherent gifts that God placed in each of them and will persist living well below their potential.

I am not ok with that. Therefore, I am using my platform to amplify my voice and, more importantly, the voices of dynamic black men who daily face systemic and personal challenges and are still killing the game. I invite individuals who see the hidden gifts of the black male youths in their lives to join #TheAmplification. Collectively, we can drown out the negativity that constantly tries to defeat our young kings and help them take their rightful places.

To those prejudging and making crazy social media comments, keep your ears open. We are about to make a sound that will cause even you to shut up, take note, and listen.

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