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The Power of Affirmations Part 2

My previous blog entry, Power of Affirmations, highlighted how powerful words are. I attested that positive words could change a person's attitude, mindset, and even life for the better. I enjoy the benefits of having a classroom of children who are confident, kind, and ready to learn throughout the school day, largely in part to their reciting classroom affirmations every morning before instructional time. I invite teachers to incorporate affirmations to experience similar outcomes.

The daily repetition of affirmations helps my students believe they are awesome and contributes to every day being a super day. Because I find affirmations to be life-changing within my students' lives and my own, I encourage teachers as well as parents to incorporate affirmations to help them overcome obstacles.

Life can be challenging and confusing to school-aged children. It is easy for them to believe untruths about themselves and others. Depression, low self-esteem, or anxiety can skew children's thoughts. An affirmation is a positive, short sentence that can encourage and empower an individual to improve his thinking about himself or a specific situation. Teachers and parents can share appropriate affirmations to help change their children's negative beliefs.

Do you know a child who has low self-esteem? The young person may believe that his peers do not accept him and that his life does not matter. Due to constant negative thoughts and untruths, he may go into a depression and feel as though he does not know how to cope with his life. As a supporting adult, you could help redirect his thoughts with affirmations.

The following affirmations are examples of what he could repeat daily:

I am confident.

I am loved by my friends and family.

I am centered and grounded.

I am optimistic.

I have the courage to be myself.

You would have to encourage the child to repeat the affirmations to himself throughout the day, especially when thinking negatively or encountering an unpleasant episode. With patience and continuation of reciting uplifting thoughts, the young man will begin believing that he has a purpose in life and that he is and will be okay.

Affirmations work as self-fulfilling prophecies. The more a person meditates on affirmations, the better chance she would start to believe the positive truth. Consequently, her actions will align with the optimism we need to pursue our goals.

I strongly encourage parents and teachers to teach their children the concept of affirmations. I can verify that they are mighty and life-changing.

If you are interested in learning more about incorporating affirmations and other social and emotional strategies in your classroom, F1NE-TUNE can assist. Please review our SEL sessions here.

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