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The Power of Affirmations Part 3

My last two blog entries addressed the power of affirmations. I recommended that teachers incorporate daily affirmations in the classroom. I also suggested that teachers and parents encourage students to practice reciting affirmations that pertain to their personal lives. Affirmations are powerful because they can turn a person's negative view about herself or a situation into a positive.

Now that we know the importance of teaching our children to speak life to themselves, I want to discuss how vital it is for teachers and parents to do the same. If anyone thinks negatively about teaching or parenting, I recommend affirmations to boost optimism. Reciting daily affirmations may be the turning point when interacting with even the most challenging child. It's all about changing our attitude for the better, and affirmations can help with that.

I wish someone had told me about thinking positively during my first years of teaching. It would have saved me from countless sleepless nights due to anxiety, for I was a negative teacher. Unfortunately, I felt antagonistic toward my students and myself. If I had an unruly student, I would be preoccupied with that child. As a result, there was little to no joy in the classroom. I had constant chaos instead.

My students picked up on my anxieties and had a field day. My life as a teacher was unbearable, and I wanted to get out of education. I am thankful to say that affirmations changed my thoughts about teaching. I realized that I needed to be more loving and understanding with my students. Additionally, I understood that I must be more patient to form genuine relationships with each student.

I made up my affirmations and recited them every day. Consequently, I was calm while interacting with my children within the second week of affirming myself. My attitude changed for the better, and I started having positive relationships with my students. Another outcome was the increase in learning going on in the classroom.

Didn't I tell you that affirmations work? Below are affirmations I recite as a teacher. Please feel free to adopt them.

I speak life to my students.

I respect my students.

I do not degrade my students.

I love my students.

I affirm my students.

I give my students social and emotional tools to help them channel negative emotions.

I take care of myself for my students.

I quickly forgive my students.

I make my students feel safe.

I create a loving, clean, and safe environment for my students.

I teach my students everything they need to learn according to state standards.

If you are interested in learning more about incorporating affirmations and other social and emotional strategies in your classroom, F1NE-TUNE can assist. Please review our SEL sessions here.

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