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To My Fellow Non-Business Business Owners- Part 1

I used to tell people that I am an educator, not a corporate executive. But after presenting to the Atlanta Black Chambers last month, I realized that this sista has some business acumen. Lol. In this mini-blog series, I will spread my wealth of practical tips to support other non-business business owners.

Knowing Your Why

Simon Sinek, popularized for his TED Talk on knowing your why, said:

Fulfillment is not born of the dream.

Fulfillment is born of the journey.

Yes, the destination is essential. But the journey is what shapes us. As we encounter smooth surfaces, bumps in the road, and detours, we experience gratification with each meaningful milestone because we are fueled by our why.

Why is our purpose, cause, or belief, and knowing our why is essential to small business success. While our why has nothing to do with making money, it should be the reason our business exists.

My why is the belief that educators need professional development that is customized, meaningful, and engaging. I have been in numerous professional learning sessions characterized by "sit and get" which left me wondering why the presenters opted to talk about the strategies instead of modeling them. Andragogy, adult learning theory, tells us that adults learn experientially. Therefore, the best way for educators to grasp how to implement best practices is to experience best practices. F1NE-TUNE provides those experiences.

Knowing my why helps me make the best decisions for myself and my company. I let my belief guide me and get me back in line when I occasionally stray.

I challenge all small business owners to take the time to reflect and capture your why. Once you identify it, write it down so you can remain true to it. I firmly believe that our gift will make room for us and put us in the presence of the right people (Proverbs 18:16). Therefore, we never have to compromise ourselves or our why to make a few dollars. If we operate in our calling with excellence, the monies will follow.

So small business owner, what is your why? Grab your journal or access your iPhone Notes app and jot down the purpose, cause, or belief that led you to start your venture. It is ok if your why evolves with time. When times get rough, or you need to refocus, revisit your why and emerge with renewed vision.

Looking Ahead

I don't know about you, but as a part-time small business owner, I cannot afford to hire a costly marketing firm or pay large salaries. I have to utilize economical ways to carry out F1NE-TUNE's operations. In my next entry, I will share how I leverage my resources to build my business efficiently.

I'll meet you there!

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