Treasure Hunt

Discovering Strategies that Unlock the Potential of Black Males

Are you frustrated by the negativity surrounding individuals who are black and male? Do you believe we can come together and be intentional about changing their narrative? If so, you landed on the right page.

Through Treasure Hunt, F1NE-TUNE is offering timely, essential training to help educators and parents discover strategies that will unlock the potential of the black males in their classrooms and living rooms, respectively.

We believe black males are the most qualified to serve as the compass to point us in the right direction for providing the most effective support to black male learners. Therefore, black males are the voice for Treasure Hunt events. All speakers are dynamic black males who have overcome personal and societal challenges to attain success.

Treasure Hunt topics include:

  • Teaching and Learning Strategies that Boost Black Male Learners

  • Social-Emotional Strategies that Support Black Male Learners

  • Counteracting the Issues (i.e. Racism, High Incarceration Rates, Negative Media Portrayal, Lack of Fathers/Father Figures, Relationship Challenges) Facing Black Males